Mildewproof RTV Silicone Sealant For Bathroom And Kitchen

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RTV silicone sealant SC-527 is a single component, it is neutral curing at room temperature. SC-527 is suitable for mildewproof bonding and sealing of bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, crafts, waterproof engineering, doors and windows.

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    Mildewproof RTV Silicone Sealant For Bathroom And Kitchen



    RTV silicone sealant SC-527 is a single component, it is neutral curing at room temperature. Fast curing speed, high strength, no corrosion, fully cured with excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and mildew proof. Good sealing and bonding to most building materials.


    SC-527 is suitable for mildew proof bonding and sealing of bathrooms in high-end hotels, kitchens, sealing of cabinets, crafts, doors and windows, assembly of display cabinets in high-end stores or sealing and waterproof engineering.



    Appearance: white paste or semitransparent paste

    Tack free time :  ≤30 minutes

    Full curing time : ≤ 48 hours

    Tensile strength: ≥0.4mpa

    Breaking elongation: ≥200%

    Hardness: Shore 25A~Shore 40A



    Before using, should first do the testing for RTV silicone sealant SC-527 sealing base materials. It can be used after the test is qualified.  


    The surface of base materials should be cleaned and kept dry, then use the SC-527. The RTV silicone sealant should ensure that the gap is fully filled. So that the sealant layer is dense, close contact with the surface of the base materials , and repair the sealant seam within 5 minutes after coating sealant.


    The suitable surface temperature of base materials is 4°C to 40° when using RTV silicone sealant.






    6 months



    Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place below 27°C



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    1, Please use this RTV silicone sealant in a well-ventilated environment.

    2, Keep the RTV silicone sealant out of reach of children to avoid ingestion. If the uncured sealant touches eyes, wash promptly with plenty of water and consult doctor for help.

    3, The SC-527 can not be used for structural bonding.  This sealant should not be used on frosty ,damp , oozing grease, plasticizer or other organic solvent surface of base materials. The RTV silicone sealant should not be isolated from the air and displacement before fully cured.


    white color of RTV silicone sealant

    300ml RTV silicone sealant

    RTV silicone sealant for sealing  bathroom and kitchen




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