What Is Glass Cement ?

Glass cement is a kind of material for bonding and sealing various building materials . Glass cement is also called RTV silicone sealant.


There are two kinds of acid and neutral RTV silicone sealant . Neutral RTV silicone sealant is divided into: stone sealant, mildew proof sealant, fire proof sealant, pipeline sealant etc.


Glass cement is generally used for  bonding and sealing toilet, makeup mirror in the bathroom, wash basin,wall gap, cabinet, kitchen,door and window.


Acid RTV silicone sealant is mainly used for general bonding between glass and other building materials. The neutral RTV silicone sealant overcomes the characteristics of acidic silicone sealant corroding metal materials and reacting with alkaline materials, so neutral silicone sealant has a wider application range and its market price is slightly higher than acidic silicone sealant. A special kind of neutral glass cement  on the market is silicone structural sealant. Because silicone structural sealant is directly used for metal and glass structure or non-structural bonding assembly of glass curtain wall, the quality requirements and product grade are the highest among glass cements, and the market price is also the highest.


The curing process of glass cement is from the surface to the inward, different characteristics of the silicone sealant surface dry time and curing time are not the same, so if repair the silicone surface must be carried out before the glass cement dry .The glass cement generally should be repaired in 5~10 minutes.


Glass cement has a variety of colors, commonly used colors are black, white, transparent, and gray.Other colors can be customized according to customer requirements.


It is also very important to use glass cement : be sure to prevent mildew. For example, a lot of glass cement is used in the toilet, the toilet is very wet and easy to mildew, so the glass cement must be mildew proof. It must be recognized some poor quality glass cement have not mildew proof function at all when buying. 


The mildew proof RTV silicone sealant SC-527 from Tosichen company is high quality and good price,the SC-527 with mildew proof effect is longer, stronger bonding and not easy to fall off than the general silicone sealant . It is especially suitable for some humid and easy to grow mildew environment, such as bathroom, kitchen and so on.


glass cement SC-527




Post time: Dec-14-2022