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Neutral RTV Silicone Sealant For Automotive Applications

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RTV Silicone sealant TS-932 is a single component, curing at room temperature, it is elastic silicone strip after curing, no pungent odor release. TS-932 is used for automobile bonding and sealing.

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Neutral RTV Silicone Sealant For Automotive Applications




RTV silicone sealant TS-932 is a single component, curing at room temperature, it is elastic silicone strip after curing, no pungent odor release.


TS-932 is used for automotive bonding and sealing.



Color : grey , black,white, semitransparent or customized color        

Density ( g/cm³): 1.1~1.3

Breaking elongation (%): 300~400              

Type: Neutral RTV silicone sealant



1, Good flexibility, water proof,oil resistant,no-corrosion


2, Low and high temperature resistance (-50℃ to 250℃)


3, Excellent sealing performance, replace all kinds of gaskets



1, Clean oily surfaces of two parts  that need to be sealed.


2, Apply TS-932 to the one surface of the parts.


3, Fit the surfaces of the two parts together, the TS-932 cure completely after 24 hours of exposure to air at room temperature.



100mL/tube , 300mL/tube, 20KG/pail



6 months, store in a cool and dry place



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rtv silicone rubber for automotive application

car RTV silicone sealant



RTV silicone sealant TS-932 is mainly applied in engine, oil pan, automobile manifold, water pump, thermostat housing, flange, valve covers, gearbox, compressor and other automobile, machinery, equipment need sealing parts.

RTV silicone for car application


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