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Silicone O-ring Adhesive Of Fast Bonding

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TS-85AB is two components of silicone adhesive, applied to bond silicone O-ring at high temperature .The silicone adhesive is characterized with fast curing ,strong bonding strength, waterproof and good elasticity.

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    Silicone O-ring Adhesive Of Fast Bonding




    TS-85AB is two components of silicone adhesive,  applied to cured silicone rubber bond cured silicone rubber at high temperature .


    The silicone adhesive is characterized with fast curing ,strong bonding strength,waterproof and good elasticity.


    It is mainly used for the adhesion between silicone O-ring, silicone gasket, silicone rubber sealing strip , silicone tube, silicone special shaped strip and silicone foam board .


    The curing time of TS-85AB  is very short  by high temperature heating, so the silicone adhesive curing speed is fast and high productivity of bonding silicone.



    Appearance: transparent paste     

    Density ( g/cm³): 1.0~1.1                                                                                                                                                  



    1, TS-85A mix TS-85B evenly by weight ratio  A:B=1:1


    2, Coating the mixed TS-85AB on silicone surface to be bonded


    3, The two silicone surfaces are pressed together with a fixture


    4, Heating at temperature 180°C for 10~15 seconds by oven

    (The actual heat curing time can be micro adjustment in production according to the size of the

    silicone product)

    silicone gasket adhesive



    1, Silicone O-ring  bonding needs to be bonded by heating bonding machine


    2, TS-85A mix TS-85B evenly by weight ratio  A:B=1:1


    3, Coating  silicone adhesive TS-85AB  method:

    Scrape a small amount of mixed TS-85AB onto a flat surface (such as:steel plate,acrylic plate),scrape the TS-85AB flat with a knife(maintain a certain adhesive thickness).

    Press one end of the silicone strip on the flat adhesive to adhere a layer of adhesive on the silicone strip’s end, then put in the fixed mold with good temperature and press two ends of  the silicone strip together forcefully by hands.Let hands go after the upper mold is closed.


    4, The temperature of the fixed mold is 180°C,  the curing time is 10~15 seconds.

    The actual heat curing time can be micro adjustment in production according to the size of the O-rings.


    silicone O ring bonding machine

    silicone rubber rings






    6 months without mixing



    Free samples



    1, The mixed silicone adhesive should be used up within 4 hours after TS-85A mixing TS-85B .

    If it is more than 4 hours, it is necessary to check the mixed adhesive by yourself.

    If it is found that there is mixed adhesive curing phenomenon, please replace with new silicone adhesive TS-85AB.


    2, Store TS-85AB in dry and cool place, away from heat source and open flame.




    The Adhesive For Bonding Silicone O-ring At Room Temperature


    Our company have two methods of bonding silicone O-ring at room temperature as following.

    1, Please use our instant adhesive 538 for bonding silicone O-ring at room temperature, the 538 curing time is 10~20 seconds,

     no primer is required on bonding silicone O-ring.

    instant adhesive for bonding silicone O ring


    2, Please use our RTV silicone adhesive TS-673 for bonding silicone O-ring at room temperature.

    The TS-673 surface drying time is 5~10 minutes, full curing time is 24 hours.

    RTV-1 silicone gasket adhesive


    Our company also produces customized silicone tubes,

    silicone gaskets, other silicone products,

    EPDM gaskets, FKM cords and FKM tubes.

    Good quality and good price.


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    Shenzhen Tosichen Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of silicone and fluororubber materials. 


    Our company main products as following,

    Silicone tube

    Silicone gasket

    Silicone strap

    Fluororubber tube

    Fluororubber strip

    RTV silicone adhesive

    Silicone O-ring adhesive

    Silicone pigment

    Silicone platinum curing agent

    Silicone soft touch coating

    Sticking skin silicone adhesive

    Printing liquid silicone rubber


    Our products have been widely used in various silicone products, electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, power supply, machinery, TV display, air conditioner, electric irons, comprehensive small household appliances and all kinds of industrial fields.



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