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Silicone Color Masterbatch For Silicone Product Requiring Any Color

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Silicone color masterbatch are used for coloring HTV silicone rubber compounds. The silicone color masterbatch are very concentrated and a very small amount of masterbatch will color a proportionally large amount of silicone rubber. Any color of silicone masterbatch can be customized.

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Silicone Color Masterbatch For Silicone Product Requiring Any Color



Silicone color masterbatch is used for coloring HTV silicone rubber compounds .


Silicone masterbatch is concentrated, offer excellent dispersion and consistent color. Silicone masterbatch are very concentrated and a very small amount of  masterbatch will color a proportionally large amount of silicone.

The more you added in proportion to the weight of silicone rubber compound, the more dramatic the color effect.


Widely used in coloring of silicone molded and extruded products. Such as silicone tableware,mobile phone case, cartoon toys, auto parts and other daily silicone products coloring. 


Any color of silicone masterbatch can be customized.



1, Stability :The raw materials of silicone color masterbatch come from famous company, which ensure the high stability of color hue, color light and saturation.


2, Easy dispersibility : In the process of masterbatch processing, strict subdivision technology and excellent dispersant are used.  Even in the very low hardness of silicone material  also has excellent dispersibility.


3, High temperature resistance: The high temperature resistance of masterbatch is higher than silicone molding processing temperature(175℃).


4, Comprehensive :Variety of colors, complete hue, according to the color matching principle of the three primary colors can be matched to cover all visible spectrum of colors . Also can develop and customize the silicone color pigment for customer’s special requirements. 


5, Seriation:There are common silicone color masterbatch, food grade silicone color masterbatch and other serialized products, suitable for different uses of customers.



Masterbatch are perfectly matched to any HTV silicone rubber compound and can be incorporated quickly and easily on the roll mill.



Add  1%~2% of silicone color masterbatch in the uncured silicone rubber compound before complete mixture in the roll mill.



6 Months



Free samples



1, In the process of using the silicone color masterbatch, it is necessary to keep the  environment  clean, so as to avoid impurities cause that the  color dispersion problems in silicone products.


2, Silicone color masterbatch and mixed silicone compound should be sealed to keep clean, to prevent static electricity causes dust absorption and excessive contact the air cause silicone compound to harden that increase the difficulty of the processing.



1, Q: What colors of silicone masterbatch do you have?

      A: We can make any color of silicone masterbatch.

2, Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

      A: We are a professional manufacturer.

3, Q: Can I have samples before I place an order?

      A: Yes , we can provide free samples for you to test.

4, Q: What is the MOQ?

    A: The MOQ is 1KG per color .

5, Q: What is the delivery time?  

    A: Usually the delivery time is 3-5 days for samples, 7-10 days for orders.

6, Q: How can I get a quotation?

      A: Please send us an inquiry and state your requirements.We will quote you as soon as possible after receiving your inquiry.

7, Q: Can I sell your products in my country?

      A: Yes,  welcome to sell our products in your country.

8, Q: Can I send the color sample for your reference?

     A: Yes .We can make the silicone color masterbatch according to your color sample.

solid silicone rubber color masterbatch

colorful silicone rubber rings

colorful silicone brushes


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silicone gaskets and any other silicone products,

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Shenzhen Tosichen Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of silicone and fluororubber materials. 


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Silicone platinum curing agent

Silicone soft touch coating

Sticking skin silicone adhesive

Printing liquid silicone rubber


Our products have been widely used in various silicone products, electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, power supply, machinery, TV display, air conditioner, electric irons, comprehensive small household appliances and all kinds of industrial fields.



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