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What Are The Application Fields Of Fluororubber Hose?


Fluororubber hose is a synthetic rubber hose containing fluorine atoms. 

Fluororubber hose has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance, can withstand a variety of strong acids, alkali, organic solvents and high temperature and high pressure and other harsh conditions, will not form oxides and residues, and its surface is smooth, can effectively reduce the friction in the hose.


The application fields of fluororubber hose are as follows,

1, Chemical field

Because of its excellent corrosion resistance. It is used to transport a variety of highly corrosive substances, such as sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, chlorine and so on.

In the high temperature environment, the fluororubber hose can still perform well, it is suitable for transporting high temperature substances, such as high temperature acid and alkali solutions, high temperature organic solvents etc.


2, Medicine field

Widely used in liquid tube to ensure biocompatibility and chemical stability, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medicine delivery. 

It is used in the pharmaceutical production tube to maintain the purity and quality of pharmaceuticals in line with the stringent hygiene standards of the pharmaceutical industry.


3, Food field

It plays an important role in the food processing tube, which is used to transport food raw materials, additives etc., to ensure food safety and quality.

It is also widely used in beverage production tube to ensure the quality and hygiene of beverages.


4, Aerospace field

Used in fuel delivery tube or hydraulic system tube, with high temperature and corrosion resistance characteristics to ensure the safe operation of aircraft.


As a kind of hose with excellent performance,  fluororubber hose will have more application field in the future.


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