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Toshichen company ‘s silicone platinum curing agent T-57AB is two components of platinum addition type cross linking agent which is added in the raw silicones for the cross linking of food and medical grade silicone rubber products ,The vulcanized products can pass the FDA test, ,it features with non-toxic, odourless, high grade of transparency, well anti-yellowing and other properties.


Silicone Platinum Curing Agent T-57AB is good for both compression molding and extrusion forming. This agent are mainly applied to food grade and medical grade products, such as baby nipples, cake mold, silicone cookwares, extrusion gaskets ,ice mold, table matt, medical silicone tube and so on.


T-57A is transparent paste, containing platinum and organic silicon polymer. 

T-57B is transparent organic silicon polymer, containing crosslinking agent and inhibitor.

Advise mixing weight ratio with raw silicone ,

T-57B is 1%  ,  T-57A is  0.5%


The usage of silicone platinum curing agent T-57AB as following,

1, T-57A and T-57B can not be added at the same time. First add T-57B into raw silicone and mixing evenly, then add T-57A into raw silicone. The addition order is important.

2, The roller temperature of mixing machine which used for mixing raw silicone with platinum curing agent can not be higher than 40℃. When the roller temperature of mixing machine is more than  40℃, the platinum curing agent can be added to raw silicone after mixing machine roller is cooled.

3, It is recommended to produce at 110℃ ~140℃ curing temperatures.Or according to the actual situation of the product to determine the optimal curing temperature.

Pay attention that the silicone platinum curing agent T-57AB can not contact with nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and heavy metal materials.The mixed raw materials should be used up within one day.

Silicone platinum curing agent T-57AB is high quality and good price , it is very hot sale in the market . Many customers give good comments and maintain long term cooperation.


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