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How Many Types Of Silicone Color Masterbatch ?


Silicone color masterbatch is solid appearance, added to the solid silicone rubber for coloring. Silicone color masterbatch is also known as silicone pigment,it is an essential material for silicone products coloring.


Silicone color masterbatch is made of special silica gel, various toner and various additives,it is widely used for molding and extrusion forming coloring of silicone products. Silicone color masterbatch is easy using, temperature resistance, good dispersion and strong coloring.


Raw silicone rubber is translucent.But because of raw silicone rubber in the production process must be maintained in a variety of styles,appear that have a lot of choices. The factories of silicone products use silicone  color masterbatch to add a variety of colors to the silicone products, to maintain the appearance of silicone products are not single.


The silicone color masterbatch is used in the process of mixing raw silicone rubber. If no silicone color masterbatch is added in the mixing process, then the raw silicone rubber is translucent after forming and vulcanization to get translucent silicone products. The masterbatch color needs to be carefully adjusted, in order to achieve good result, it is also an important technical work of silicone factory, there are thousands of colors , many silicone products with similar colors are the most difficult to adjust. When use silicone color masterbatch, the masterbatched is added to raw silicone proportionally.


How many types of silicone color masterbatch? Now the types and characteristics of silicone color masterbatch are introduced as follows.


Silicone color masterbatch is divided into organic masterbatch, organic fluorescent masterbatch and inorganic masterbatch .

1, organic masterbatch: complete color , bright color, good transparency, high coloring power

2,organic fluorescent masterbatch: The color is very bright, under UV  irradiation can glow, but weather resistance is poor and heat resistance is poor, low coloring power

3,Inorganic masterbatch: high temperature resistance, good dispersion, good weather resistance, strong hiding power, but low coloring power.


The silicone color master has a wide application range, it can be applied to the coloring of silicone keypad, silicone sheath of various electronic products, silicone tube, silicone cable accessories, food tableware, mobile phone case, cartoon toy, auto parts ,silicone wristband, foldable silicone cup, silicone bag,silicone pad and other silicone produts.


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