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The Differences Between Fumed Silicone Rubber And Precipitated Silicone Rubber


Silicone rubber is widely used in coffee pot, water heater, bread machine, disinfection cabinet, water dispenser, kettle, electric iron, rice cooker, fryer, fruit pulping machine, gas

appliance, beauty equipment, lighting products protective cover and other machinery and electrical appliances. Silicone rubber has the characteristics of high pressure resistant and

temperature resistance . Silicone rubber is also used for food mold, chocolate mold, candy mold, precision casting, cake mold,art ceramics,water pump, pressure cooker

loop, silicone strip, silicone ice cube tray, silicone pacifier and silicone keypad.


There are two types of Solid Silicone Rubber , one is fumed silicone rubber, the other is precipitated silicone rubber.


The differences between fumed silicone rubber and precipitated silicone rubber are as follows,   

1, In appearance, the fumed silicone rubber is transparent and the looks shiny on the appearance . The precipitated silicone rubber can only achieve semitransparent appearance, and the precipitated silicone rubber with worse quality can only achieve white appearance.

2, In terms of tensile strength, fumed silicone rubber has better tensile strength than precipitated silicone rubber. The cured precipitated  silicone rubber turns white after stretching and is deformed after many times of high tensile strength. One of the biggest characteristics of cured fumed silicone rubber is that does not turn white when stretched,cured fumed silicone rubber is very elastic and it still does  not turn white after many times of high strength stretching. The tensile strength of cured fumed silicone rubber is 700%~800% . The tensile strength of cured precipitated silicone rubber is only 300%~400% .

3, In terms of service life, fumed silicone rubber has the characteristics of high strength products and can be used for a long time or even permanently in a high strength environment. Precipitated silicone rubber has only a few days effective life or even directly fracture in a high strength environment.


The price of fumed silicone rubber is more expensive than precipitated silicone rubber , but fumed silicone rubber has  powerful effects.

In many high pressure and high quality silicone products, the choice of  fumed silicone rubber is better.


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