The Function Of Silicone Sealant

Electronic sealant is a kind of adhesive used for electronic components, which has the function of sealing and fixing. There are three kinds of electronic sealants commonly used in the market, which are: electronic sealants made of silicone, electronic sealants made of polyurethane and electronic sealants made of epoxy resin. The performance of electronic sealants made of silicone is the best.


Electronic silicone sealant has excellent electrical performance and insulation ability, can withstand -50℃ ~ 250℃ without cracking, moistureproof performance is good, after fully debug, can have good thermal conductivity and flame retardant ability, to prevent the electronic components from natural environmental corrosion at the same time, also can improve the heat dissipation capacity and safety coefficient of electronic components,can be used for high temperature equipment, communication equipment, electronic and electrical components bonding seal.


The general silicone sealant in the market now only achieves the effect of bonding, sealing and fixation, but cannot achieve the flame retardant effect that some customers want. Tosichen company has a flame retardant silicone sealant, has excellent electrical insulation performance and chemical stability, inflaming retarding up to UL 94-V0.       


Tosichen’ flame retardant silicone sealant is a kind of paste single component room temperature curing organic silicone rubber, neutral curing by condensation reaction with water in the air to release low molecules caused by crosslinking, and curing into high performance elastomers.For most metals, plastics are non-corrosive and have good adhesion. It has excellent resistance to hot and cold alternation,aging resistance and electrical insulation,excellent moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-knock and corona resistance .Fully comply with ROHS requirements.


Typical use of flame retardant silicone sealant : PTC ,CRT , deflection coil and other high voltage parts of the insulation are bonded and sealed. PCB components are bonded and fixed, providing insulation, moisture-proof and shock-proof functions. Power module components are bonded and fixed.


electronic RTV silicone sealant

Post time: May-13-2022