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The Functions Of Silicone Soft Touch Coating

Silicone soft touch coating is a kind of coating applied to the surface of silicone rubber products, which has good flexibility, toughness and tear resistance. 

Due to its special properties, silicone soft touch coating is widely used in silicone wristband, mobile phone silicone protective case,

tablet PC silicone case,  silicone watch band, silicone toys, silicone gifts, silicone daily necessities and other silicone products. 


Silicone soft touch coating has the following functions.

1, Make silicone products dustproof

Silicone products are very easy to absorb dust.

After spraying silicone soft touch coating, can reduce static electricity, no dust, can keep the surface of the product clean for a long time.


2, Improve the appearance quality of silicone products

Silicone soft touch coating can make the surface of the silicone products form a uniform and delicate coating, covering the rough surface of the silicone products. 

This coating can make the surface of the silicone products appear more smooth, soft, with good feel and impression,

also can prevent the surface of the silicone products from being scratched and worn, thereby improving the appearance quality and service life of the silicone products.


3, Meet the individual needs of consumers

With the improvement of people’s living standards, consumers have higher requirements for products. 

Silicone soft touch coating can make the surface of the silicone product smooth. People can feel a comfortable feel, such products in the market has been more consumers recognition. 

Therefore, manufacturers can adjust the material proportion of silicone soft touch coating according to the individual needs of different consumers, and then produce silicone products to meet consumer needs.


4, Improve yellowing resistance of the silicone products

Silicone soft touch coating is high stability, not affected by external conditions such as temperature, humidity, and is not easy to react with oxygen, water vapor and other substances. 

Therefore, silicone soft touch coating can effectively inhibit the yellowing, aging, deterioration and other phenomena, and improve the durability and stability of silicone products.


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