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Thermally Conductive Silicone Grease Application Fields


The series products of thermally conductive silicone grease in the field of adhesives occupy a large share,it is an important role in the field of adhesives. Thermally Conductive Silicone Grease is called heat dissipation paste, some people also call conduction temperature oil, temperature transfer oil, heat transfer oil, conductive heat mud.


Thermally conductive silicone grease with silicone as the main raw material, adding materials with excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity, made of thermal conductive silicone grease compound, used for power amplifier ,transistor , evacuated tube , CPU and other electronic original devices of heat conduction and heat dissipation, so as to ensure the stability of electrical performance of electronic instruments.


Thermally conductive silicone grease is a high thermal conductivity insulating silicone material that almost never solidifies, can be in -50℃~+250℃ for a long time to maintain the use of the grease state. It has excellent electrical insulation and has excellent thermal conductivity, at the same time has low oil separation (tends to zero), high and low temperature resistance, water resistance, weathering resistance . It can be widely coated in various electronic products, electrical equipment of the heating element and the cooling facilities (cooling fin ,heat sink strip ,shell etc.) between the contact surface, act as a heat transfer medium and moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, shockproof performance.


Thermally conductive silicone grease is suitable for surface coating or integral sealing of microwave devices that microwave communication, microwave transmission equipment, microwave special power supply, stabilized power supply, etc. This kind of silicone material provides excellent thermal conductivity effect for electronic components that generate heat. Such as: transistor, CPU assembly ,thermistor , temperature sensor, car electronic parts ,car refrigerator, power module , printer head and so on.


Thermally conductive silicone grease is widely used as the heat transfer medium of electronic components, which can greatly improve the heat dissipation effect and reduce the working temperature of heating elements.


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