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What Are The Advantages Of Silicone Swimming Cap ?


Silicone swimming cap is one of the swimming caps, used to wear when swimming. Wearing a swimming cap while swimming and in some competitions is both a basic configuration and a sign of respect for friends and rivals.


Wearing a swimming cap is used to prevent ear shock and protect the head, prevent the hair from being completely immersed in chlorinated water, can effectively protect the hair to reduce the pool water damage to the hair, to prevent hair injury, can reduce resistance, make swimming faster.


Silicone swimming cap have the advantages as following,

1, Silicone swimming cap is made of organic silicone as raw material, with good elasticity and high tightness of the head


2, The silicone swimming cap is suitable for winter, which can keep the head warm.


3, Silicone swimming cap is not easy to fall off when swimming, the reason is that there are small silicone particles in the silicone swimming cap.


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