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What Are The Processes Of Using Silicone Soft Touch Coating On The Silicone Watchband ?


In life, we see that some silicone products are not so smooth and sticky dust, and some silicone products are just the opposite, they not only hand feels good but also does not stick to dust.


What’s the reason? The answer is that the surface of the smooth silicone products has been processed by silicone soft touch coating.


Some customers do not know much about the effect of spraying silicone soft touch coating and not spraying silicone soft touch coating on silicone products.


In fact, the main function of spraying silicone soft touch coating is to improve the hand feeling and beauty of silicone products, so that the silicone products can maintain smooth feeling, friction resisting, dust proof and good adhesion strength.


There is no need to spray silicone soft touch coating for mechanical silicone accessories and electronic silicone accessories etc.

Silicone products to increase spray silicone soft touch coating process, also means to increase the cost, so whether silicone products need to spray silicone soft touch coating , it is mainly depends on the quality and price of silicone products.


The spraying silicone soft touch coating is suitable for using in silicone adult products, silicone mobile phone case, silicone watchband, silicone keypad, silicone wristband, silicone tube, silicone artware and other silicone products.


There are many customers ask what are the processes of using silicone soft touch coating on the silicone watchband ?


Now introduce Tosichen company’s silicone soft touch coating S-96AB.


S-96AB is two-component, S-96A is silicone resin, S-96B is platinum catalyst.


Usage method


1, Mix Silicone resin, Platinum catalyst and Solvent (aviation kerosene) at weight ratio,  Silicone resin:Platinum catalyst:Solvent=100:1:500


( for example, 100 grams Silicone resin, 1 gram Platinum catalyst mixing 500 grams Solvent ) . Mixing Silicone resin and Platinum catalyst first, stir evenly,then mix Solvent , stir evenly for 5~10 minutes.


2, Please filter with 300 mesh filter screen for two times before spraying.


3, After mixing coating S-96AB, please use up the mixed S-96AB within 12 hours.


4, Two kinds of baking methods :


Oven: Baking at 180℃ for 8 minutes


IR conveyer belt: Baking at temperature 180℃ for 8 minutes


Because of the silicone watchband has two sides. The process steps as follows.

Step 1,  Spraying S-96AB on one side of silicone watchband, then baking at temperature 180℃ for 8 minutes.


Step 2,  Spraying S-96AB on the other side of silicone watchband, then baking at temperature 180℃ for 8 minutes.


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Post time: May-03-2023