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What Is Instant Adhesive ?


The instant adhesive is a single component, low viscosity, transparent, fast curing adhesive at room temperature. It is mainly made of cyanoacrylate.  Instant adhesive is also known as instant dry glue. With wide bonding surface and good bonding ability for most materials, it is one of the important room temperature curing adhesives.


The characteristics of instant adhesive.

1, Instant adhesive is fast curing speed, high bonding strength, simple operation, strong versatility, good aging resistance, suitable for small area materials bonding.


2, Room temperature curing, indoor or outdoor, no need for other curing auxiliary equipment ( Operate in a well-ventilated air convection environment).


3, Temperature resistance is generally -50℃ to +80℃ (100℃ instantaneously).


4, Suitable for the general environment, not in long-term contact with water. Do not use in places with strong acid and alkali (including alcohol)


5, Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. ( In order to prolong storage time, can be refrigerated)


Instant adhesive can be divided into the following types.

1, High temperature resistant instant adhesive (usually used for bonding substrate working temperature above 80 ℃).


2, Low whitening instant adhesive (usually used for precise instrumentation bonding, curing without whitening).


3, Universal instant adhesive (wide application range, diverse bonding materials).


4, Rubber toughening instant adhesive (Usually used for bonding rubber substrates, which can improve the impact resistance after bonding).


Please pay attentions when using instant adhesive.

1, Instant adhesive is not the coating more the better.By controlling the amount of adhesive, the thinner the adhesive layer, the higher the bonding strength. Each drop of 0.02g of instant adhesive covers an area of about 8~10 square centimeters. The amount of adhesive is controlled at 4 ~ 5mg/c㎡ .


2, After the instant adhesive coating, control the best closing time. Usually after the adhesive to dry for a few seconds, so that the adhesive layer absorb trace moisture and then close. It should be noted that the length of exposure time of instantaneous drying glue in the air has a great impact on the bonding strength. When the drying time is more than one minute, the performance decreases by more than 50%, and the strength is usually the highest within 3 seconds.


3, It is best to apply some pressure before instant glue curing. Compaction can effectively improve bond strength.


Tosichen company’s  Instant Adhesive 538 is applied to bond silicone rubber, EPDM, PVC,TPU, TPR, PA, TPE and other materials. The 538 is characterized by fast drying, high flexibility, strong bonding strength,low whity and low odor . No primer is required on bonding silicone rubber.


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