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What Is The Application Of Fluororubber ?


Fluororubber (FKM)  is a kind of high-performance rubber material, its resistance temperature range is generally between +200℃ to +250℃,

with excellent high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, oil resistance, atmospheric aging resistance and other characteristics.
Fluororubber is widely used in the fields of automobile, petrochemical and aerospace industry.


In the automotive field, fluororubber is mainly used in high temperature and high pressure environments such as engine, transmission, brake system and fuel system to ensure the performance and safety of automobiles.


In the petrochemical industry, fluororubber is mainly used in pipelines, valves, seals and rubber linings under high temperature and pressure, strong corrosion and oxidation environment, which can ensure the safety and stability of production and transportation.


In the aerospace field, fluororubbers are widely used in key parts such as engines, fuel systems, hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems, which can withstand the high temperature and pressure and strong oxidation environment, ensuring flight safety.


As a kind of rubber material with unique properties, fluororubber has been widely used in many fields. Although the price of fluororubber is relatively high, its advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high chemical stability make fluororubber widely recognized and applied in high-end fields.


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